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June 12, 2019

Covid–19 Visa Arrangements

Covid–19 Visa Arrangements

(Updated 01 June 2021)

As part of Government efforts to tackle the pandemic, the Minister for Justice signed an order that imposed new visa requirements on passport holders from a number of South American countries and South Africa. This order and the associated measures came into effect at midnight on  27 January 2021.

On that date, INIS also took the decision to temporarily cease accepting new visa/preclearance applications with the exception of the Priority/Emergency case types listed below, which INIS have continued to accept in the intervening period.

INIS can now confirm that they are accepting all long-stay visa and preclearance applications, effective immediately.

INIS can also confirm that, as per the web notice of 21 May last, they have added the following categories to the list of Priority/Emergency cases and will resume processing of these categories immediately:

Priority/Emergency cases

  1. Long-stay Join Family Members including:

  • all Long Stay D Visa join family applications (includes Third country national family members of Irish nationals)
  • Preclearance applications for De Facto Partner of an Irish National; De Facto Partner of a Critical Skills Employment Permit Holder, or of a non-EEA Researcher on a Hosting Agreement and Non-EEA Family members looking to join a UK National in Ireland.
  1. People travelling for business/employment purposes and granted an employment permit by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment to meet an enterprise’s key business ‘.

  2. Persons exercising free movement under the EU Directive. (NOTE– persons in this category should apply for a short stay C visa which will permit you to enter and reside in the State for up to 3 months. In the event that you wish to remain in the State for more than 3 months as a family member of an EU citizen exercising their free movement rights, you must apply (when in the State) for a Residence Card of a family member of a Union citizen).

It remains the position that INIS is not accepting any short-stay visa applications, except for cases that fall under the Emergency/Priority criteria. The suspension of short stay applications will continue to be reviewed in consultation with the relevant authorities in the coming weeks.

Current travel restrictions and the measures introduced as part of the Government’s efforts to interrupt the transmission of COVID-19 means that travel may not be possible and even if possible is not advisable unless absolutely essential.

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