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Employment Permit Applications

Work Permit.

In order to take up employment in the State, the person must be in possession of (a) a valid work permit (b) a valid green card.

All non-EEA nationals wishing to remain in the State on work permit/green card conditions must be in a position to present to their Immigration Officer, the following documents:

  • original passport
  • valid visa (if appropriate)
  • original work permit / green card permit.

The holder of a valid work permit/green card is entitled to take up employment in the State. However, they must also seek to obtain permission to remain on this basis from their local Immigration Officer.

Applying for an Employment Permit whilst already lawfully resident in the State

Non-EEA nationals who are already lawfully resident in the State and hold a valid Certificate of Registration – ie Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB Card – with Stamps 1, 1A, 2, 2A and 3 immigration permissions may apply for an Employment Permit if offered employment in an eligible occupation. Employment Permits will not be granted in respect of any activity listed in the Ineligible Categories of Employment –

Normal Employment Permit application criteria will apply. The assessment of skills, labour market shortages and appropriateness of the salary level will be determined by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation.

If an application is successful, the person concerned must apply to the Garda National Immigration Bureau on receipt of the Employment Permit for a change/update of immigration permission.

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